About us

Company motto: Down to earth as a way of life

MVB aims to become a global leader in the implementation of "Smart Disk On Key"™ technology by combining the need for readily available media and alternative processing capabilities to a PC. Further to that, MVB plans to develop additional applications in the fields of media players and movie players based on the same technological platform.

Management Team

MVB's executives bring to the company valuable expertise and years of experience in the field.

MVB employs researchers with ample background and expertise in the area of computer peripherals and flash memory devices.

If you are interested in working with an innovative, cutting edge technology company please contact our head office.


Who we are

MVB technologies is a think tank of intellectuals and experts dedicated towards continuously expanding the limits of technology with the objective of improving customer experience and product usability.


MBV technologies focuses on producing innovative products in the field of computer related hardware and software.

MBV technologies brings cutting edge innovations to the market, changing the way people share data "on the go".

Business opportunity

We are looking for representatives/distributors in the United States (East and West coast) and Europe,